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Tenant Setting


The field and its function description is listed below.

Tenant NameThe name for tenant.
Total Allowed DeviceThe total number of devices allowed.
Issue DateThe issue date for tenant.
Expire DateThe expiry date for tenant.
TimezoneSelect the timezone from list for tenant.
Historical Map (Triangulation)Toggle to enable or disable historical map for tenant.

System Setting

Dwell Time option will setup whether average dwell time will exclude or include users who have dwell time from 0 to 15 minutes from calculation. 

You can choose to Include or Exclude Dwell Time. If click “Include Dwell Time”, the system will count all users , and if you click “Exclude Dwell Time”, the system will exclude users who have dwell time 0 to 15 minutes.


The passphrase will use to decode Nokia incoming data report.