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Zone Rule


Use POST method to create new subordinate resources.

Example request URIs

[POST] https://{{kiwire_ip}}/api/zone_rule/ Parameters Required
Parameter Value Description
tenant_id string Tenant ID or Tenant name of the API key
updated_date datetime The last updated date and time
master_id string Parent zone
ipaddr string The unique IP address of the equipment.
vlan string A virtual local area network
ssid string Network name
nasid string The NAS client identifier for Kiwire that will use for communication to the external radius.
dzone string Controller zone
priority string The zone priority based on rules.


Use DELETE method as the name applies to delete resources.

Example request URIs

[DELETE] https://{{kiwire_ip}}/api/zone_rule/{{id}}/


Use GET method to retrieve resource information only and not to modify it in any way.

Example request URIs

[GET] https://{{kiwire_ip}}/api/zone_rule/ [GET] https://{{kiwire_ip}}/api/zone_rule/{{id}}/ [GET] https://{{kiwire_ip}}/api/zone_rule/{{offset}}/{{limit}}/{{column}}/{{order}}/
Value Description
offset integer Start data count
limit integer Limit data count
column string Column name
order desc or asc Sort the result set in ascending or descending order.


For GET method, if {{offset}}, {{limit}}, {{column}}, and {{order}} not provided then Kiwire will return default value eg : https://{{kiwire_ip}}/api/zone_rule/0/10/id/desc/