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2-Factors Authentication

This module will help you to set 2-factors authentication(2FA). 2FA is a security process in which users provide two different authentication factors to verify themselves. Click on “2-factors setup” button on the image icon on the upper right of the Kiwire system as image below to setup on the 2- Factors Authentication.


After clicking the button, there will be a few instructions on how to setup the 2-Factors Authentication as image below. Carefully read the instruction in order to setup the 2FA successfully.

2fa register

Enabling 2-Factors Authentication

Steps to enable 2-Factors Authentication.

  1. Go to “Configuration -> Setting” and disable the 2-Factors Authentication setting.
  2. Create new administrator.
  3. Enable the 2-Factors Authentication.
  4. Login using the new administrator.
  5. Setup the 2-Factors authentication.
  6. Logout and try login again to see either 2-Factors authentication is functioning or not.

2fa code

This will appear when you try to login on Kiwire again. Enter the 6-digit code generated on your google authenticator.