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Sponsor Sign Up

Sponsor sign up moduele is to configure the setting of the sponsor sign up for Kiwire plateform. Sponsor sign up required a authorised sponsor to authorised the user prior allow connect to network. This is usually used in corporate meeting room where visitor require network access. Sponsor sign up modules will require an approval process from a sponsor within your organisation. To access the sponsor sign up module click on Login Engine > Sponsor Sign Up Login from the navigation. On the sponsor sign up listing module, you may search for specific user by using the search field.

The field and its function description is listed below.

EnableEnable or disable sponsor sign up function.
Template [ to Sponsor ]Select the custom template created in the system for sponsor.
Template [ to user ]Select the custom template created in the system for user.
Comfirmed PageSelect confirmation page created at Login Engine -> Page Designer.
Inform Account Verified viaSelect platform to inform verification of the account.
Allowed Sponsor E-mail domainThe domain name for your organization. Kiwire platform will check the sponsored email fill in by guest with the domain name, if the email domain name match with this value the “Click to approve” email will be initiated.
Link With ProfileThe profile which users will be using when they sign up.
ValidityThe validity or expiration days for the account when user sign up.
PrefixThe account prefix username for the user when account is generated.
* e.g : vst_ will be vst_[username]
Zone RestrictionSelect zone restriction if required, so sponsor sign up user can only login from selected zone. Please create zone restriction from policy if you wish to use this feature.
Additional FieldsType your created field from data field and user will be prompt to key in the information when they sign up.