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Public Sign Up

The public sign up module let you to configure the public sign up settings for the Kiwire platform. Public sign up users are usually for public area where users can fill in their information and connect to the network. Public sign up are designed for public area sign up where users will simply register their own account and login to the network. You may put additional data field that user are required to fill in during the sign up process. To access the public sign up module click on Login Engine > Public Sign Up from the navigation. On the public sign up listing module, you may search for specific user by using the search field.

The field and its function description is listed below.
Field Function
Enable Enable or disable public sign up function.
Link With Profile The profile which users will be using when they sign up.
Validity The validity or expiration days for the account when user sign up.
Once Registered Choose whether user login to WiFi, redirect to default page or follow journey if possible once registered an account.
Zone Restriction Select zone restriction if required, so public sign up user can only login from selected zone , please create zone restriction from policy if you wish to use this feature.
Additional Fields Type your created field from data field and user will be prompt to key in the information when they sign up.