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Login Checks

This module let user to perform checks in order to connect internet. You can drag Available Check Items to the right hand side. You have to place check items in order. To access the Login Check module click on Login Engine > Login Checks from the navigation. On the login checks listing module, you may search for specific user by using the search field.


The field and its function description is listed below.
Field Function
OTP Change Password Change password of the user so that the same credential can only login once.
Check Account Status Check if the status still active.
Check Password Policy Check if password policy is enabled, and disallow access if the password not compliance with the policy.
Generate Invoice Generate invoice once the user perform login for the first time.
Send to PMS Payment Post charges to PMS system if the account login for the first time.
Check Simultaneous Use Check how many active sessions using the same account. If reached limit, then no more device allow to login.
Check Account Quota Check the current quota that has been used, and total allowed quota.
Check Zone Limit Check the number of active sessions for current zone. If reached limit, then disallow access
Check Account Credit Check if the account still have credit to access internet.
Check MAC Address Check if the device MAC address registered to the account.
Check Allowable Zone Check if the device allow to login using the current zone.
Register MAC Address Auto register MAC address to the account and disallow other device to login using the same account.
Generate Reporting Generate Reporting