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Kiwire uses email to send marketing, notification and other function thus Kiwire will require an mail server connection to send outgoing emails, SMTP setting will let you configure your organisation mail server configuration.


Please remember to ensure your SMTP allow connection from Kiwire server IP address.

The field and its function description is listed below.

EnableEnable or disable email server.
SMTP HostYour SMTP / Mail server hostname or IP Address.
SMTP PortSMTP Port for the SMTP / Mail server.
SMTP AuthenticationDoes your SMTP require authentication to send mail , if yes please select SSL or TLS.
SMTP Auth UsernameUsername for SMTP authentication.
SMTP Auth PasswordPassword for SMTP authentication.
Email From AddressThe email address that email generated will use as sender.
Sender NameThe name of the sender who sends the email.
CCWrite the email address if you are sending a copy for their information.
Link With ProfileChoose the profile you want to link with.
ValidityValid number of days until email will run.
Confirm PageChoose confirmation page created at Login Engine > Page Designer
Email TemplateChoose the email template you want to send.
Zone RestrictionChoose the zone you want to restrict to.
Additional FieldsType your created field from data field and user will be prompt to key in the information when they sign up.


Any services related to mail services will need to use different ports from 587,465 and 25 due to Google Cloud blocking those ports.

Refer to this link:

Alternative workaround suggestion:
To use mail services on Kiwire Cloud, users can opt to use API connection with third-party services such as Mailgun. Its free for 5000 outgoing mail per month, but will have additional charges if its more than 5000 outgoing mail in a month.

Find out more about Mailgun here : Mailgun


You can use the Test SMTP function to test if Kiwire is able to connect to your SMTP server, To test the SMTP config is working properly save your SMTP configuration first then follow by clicking the “Test SMTP” button. you will be required to key in your email address to receive a test mail. Check your Inbox for an email from Kiwire to ensure you successfully received the test mail. In event of SMTP connection failure, an error will be displayed.

Example Configuration for GMAIL 

For Gmail SMTP the following setting is being used.

  • SMTP HOST : smtp.gmail.com
  • Use Authentication: Yes : TLS
  • SMTP PORT : 587
  • SMTP Auth username: yourname@gmail.com
  • SMTP Auth Password: your password
  • Email from the address : yourname@gmail.com


For GMAIL, please set “Allow less secure apps: ON” under the GMAIL account.