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Software Update

The Software Update module enables you to setup the software update function of Kiwire. An active valid support subscription is required for this to function.

Method 1: Auto Update To enable auto update onto your Kiwire platform, select “Enable Auto-Update”option to enable feature. The auto update will periodically check with our updates server and perform auto update when there is a new build or version release.

Method 2: On Demand Update To perform on demand update, click on “Run Update Now” button. The status of update will show on the screen.


The field and its function description is listed below.
Field Function
Enable Auto-Update Enable Kiwire to perform self auto update daily when there is a new release or patch released.
Version The current version of Kiwire™ platform.
Build Number The build release of current Kiwire platform.
Last Update The date and time of the last update of the system.
Status The last update status.
Update URL The Update URL of Kiwire™ update server, please do not alter the URL unless given instructions by an official Kiwire™ representative.
Run Update Now Perform software update manually. You are required to click “Run Update Now” button when manual software update is completed.