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PMS Payment Queue

The PMS Payment Queue module let you view the summary the revenue generated by Integrations: PMS charges. It will also let you view the status of posting of each charges. The grand total of charges posted for selected date. To access the PMS payment queue module click on Finance > PMS Payment Queue from the navigation. 

The field and its function description is listed below.

Field Function
Username The username of the user.
Room No. The room no of PMS posting queue.
Login Date Login date & time of PMS.
Post Date The post date & time of PMS posting queue.
Charge Amount Any remark or description.

The status of the PMS

  • Posted : Charges posted to PMS software successfully.
  • Waiting for posting : Charges pending acknowledge received by PMS software.
  • Failed : Charges failed to post due to PMS software dis acknowledge the posting.