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Kiwire is fully equipped with a built-in simple network monitoring system. Dashboard module is for monitoring devices. This dashboard module will display all the equipment health status and its last reported scan. To access dashboard module, click on Devices > Dashboard from the navigation.

The above widgets each computes :

  • Total Devices: Total number of devices created.
  • Online: Total number of devices are online.
  • Critical: Total number of devices that unable to ping device.
  • Warning: Total number of devices that are online but unable to get data through SNMP.

The field and its function description are listed below.

Field Function
Unique ID The ID of the device.
IP Address The IP address of the device.
Location The location of the device where it is placed.
Last Report The last report time of device.
Status The status of device whether it is Running or Down.
Upload (MB) The upload speed of device in MB.
Download (MB) The download speed of device in MB.
Avg Speed (MBPS)  The average speed of device in MBPS.