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Device & Controller Setup Guide

Cisco Meraki Cloud Controller Configuration for Kiwire v3

Part 1: Cisco Meraki Cloud Controller Configuration
1. Access control configuration
  • Go to Wireless > Configure > Access control tab
  • Select SSID for captive portal
  • Select Open (no encryption) for Association requirements
  • Select Sign-on with my RADIUS server under Splash Page
  • RADIUS for splash page
    • Host: Kiwire hostname or ip address
    • Port: 1812
    • Secret: create a secret
  • RADIUS accounting servers is enabled (refer Cisco Meraki support is this option is not available)
    • Host: Kiwire hostname or ip address
    • Port: 1813
    • Secret: create a secret
  • Enable data-carrier detect (DCD) is disabled
  • Select Deny access for Failover policy
  • Select Strict priority order for Load balancing policy
  • Select Disabled: do not check clients for antivirus software for Network access control
  • Select Disabled: do not assign group policies automatically for Assign group policies by device type
  • Select Block all access until sign-on is complete for Captive portal strength
  • Select Walled garden is enabled for Walled garden
  • Wall garden ranges
    • fonts.googleapis.com
    • fonts.googlestaic.com
    • kiwire ip address
    • social networks hostname or ip addresses (optional)
  • Select Allow simultaneous devices per user for Simultaneous logins
  • Select Default for your settings: Restricted for Controller disconnection behaviour
  • Select Bridge mode: Make clients part of the LAN for Client IP assignment
  • Enable VLAN tagging if needed and insert VLAN ID
  • Select Don’t fliter content for Content filtering
  • Select Disable Bonjour Forwarding for Bonjour forwarding
  • Select Disable Mandatory DHCP for Mandatory DHCP
  • Save Changes
1 2. Splash Page configuration
  • Go to Wireless > Splash Page
  • Select SSID
  • Use Custom splash URL and insert http:///login/meraki
  • Save Changes
2 3. SSID configuration
  • Go to Wireless > SSIDs
  • Enable captive portal SSID and create SSID
  • Save Changes
Part 2: Kiwire Configuration
1. Adding NAS into Kiwire
  • Go to Devices > Devices > Add Device
  • Select Controller for Device Type
  • Select Meraki for Vendor
  • AP mac address using delimiter colon and small letter as Identity
  • Cisco Meraki Controller IP address or hostname for IP Address
  • Shared Secret Key is Secret from Cisco Meraki
  • COA Port is 3799
  • Update