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Setting module provide the general configurations of the Kiwire platform. This defines the overall behavior of Kiwire functionalities. This includes general setting, voucher setting, campaign setting and timezone setting for Kiwire platform. To access the setting module click on Configuration > Settings from the navigation.

General setting

The general setting manages the overall Kiwire configuration.
The field and its function description is listed below.
Field Function
Default Currency Default currency used for the system and display in financial reporting.
GST / VAT Rate (%) Goods and Services Tax (GST) or Value Added Tax (VAT) rate in percentage that used for the system.
Data Transfer Reporting Metric Reporting metric for user bandwidth & volume usage either in Mb or GB format. To make it human readable. * NOTE : Applicable to Report->Login only, bandwidth report are default in GB format due to high volume reporting.
Join Insight Network Enable or disable join insight network. Insight Network is Kiwire network that provide you access to industry key reporting and other advance analytic reporting. By joining insight network, you will have the ability to access insight reporting that compare your overall performance metric with industry peer and region.
2-Factors Authentication Enable or disable 2-factors authentication.
Default Language Default language setting for Kiwire platform.
Forgot Password Method The delivery mechanism of forgot password function, by Email or by SMS.
Forgot Password Template Choose template for forgot password.
NPS Enable Enable or disable Network Policy Server (NPS).
NPS Email Template Email template for the Network Policy Server (NPS).
Ask User for Web Push Enable / Disable the Web Push Notifications. * NOTE : Only work if the connection is HTTPS and end-user is using Android or Windows (Chrome or Firefox).
Use IP Address to Define Tenant Enable or disable the Use IP Address to Define Tenant.

Voucher Setting

Voucher can be used for only one time in Kiwire system. Account that uses voucher is valid until the expiry due date or credit minutes is exhausted. Voucher setting provide general configuration for the voucher behavior.

The field and its function description is listed below.
Field Function
Default Prefix Default prefix for voucher to be generated. * e.g : ‘sync’ will be the prefix and the voucher generate as ‘sync123456’
Voucher Format The format of voucher account generated
  • Number in Sequence – voucher generated will be serial sequence. E.g : sync10001, sync10002, sync10003, …
  • Unique ID – voucher generated will be unique but near random. E.g : SYNC5401AAE , SYNC5402FA1 , SYNC54032A4Ran
  • Random [0-9a-zA-Z] – A random string of characters used together with random engine length limit. E.g : xasd4as2 , gfga23asd, dfasd21asd
* NOTE : A longer length will prevent repeat of random character.
Voucher Template Template for the voucher, use Template editor at Configuration -> Template to create the template for the voucher, you can personalize the look and feel of the voucher created.
Random Engine Length Limit If voucher engine selected is random, the default length for random engine is to use when generate prepaid account. A short length will have repeat and thus limited max no quantity of prepaid account to be created. * e.g : If random engine length limited to 4, the max voucher supported in the system will be 9999 voucher.

Campaign Setting

Kiwire has a built in smart campaign built, use the configuration tab to set the overall behavior of Kiwire campaign modules.

The field and its function description is listed below.
Field Function
Campaign Waiting Time The waiting duration required for users to view running campaign or advertisement before accessing main login page.
Multiple Ads Allows multiple campaign to run at same time or single campaign only.
Autoplay Video Enable or disable the autoplay video. * NOTE : Only ads that does not contain sound will able to be auto play by mobile devices.
Super Cookies Enable or disable super cookies.
Require Verification Enable or disable required verification. * NOTE : If turn ON, all campaign required verification before published

Timezone Setting

The time zone setting screen let you set time zone configuration for the Kiwire platform. timezone
The field and its function description is listed below.
Field Function
Time Zone To select the time zone for the Kiwire platform.