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High Availability

The high availability module is to configure the high availability capability of Kiwire platform. This module will provide fail over capability to the passive Kiwire system, at any point of time only one of the pair will be active. The high availability module will perform automatic synchronization of data base and media files between the cluster nodes via secure communication. To access the organisation profile module click on Configuration > High Availability from the navigation.


Please ensure both Kiwire units are licensed and running on same firmware.

The field and its function description is listed below.

EnableEnable or disable high availability functionality.
This Server RoleSelect the role of this instance of Kiwire. The primary unit of Kiwire will be Main and secondary Kiwire unit will be the Slave unit. Currently dual main configuration is not supported.
Main IP AddressThe IP address of Main Kiwire instance.
Main KeysThe generated result of Main Kiwire public key, use generate key function.
Backup IP AddressThe backup IP address of Main Kiwire instance.
Backup KeysThe backup keys of Main Kiwire instance.
Time IntervalTime interval for synchronization between clusters.
Error CountNumber of error counts.
Last RunThe last run time.


  • Generate Key – Click on Generate Key to generate the security key , on Master it will generate they key for slave field , you need to perform the same generate key function on slave and copy the key to the Master key field.
  • Reset Error – This will reset error count.
  • Revoke Keys – This will revoke all key stored on system, you will need to use “generate key “ function to generate new key and perform exchange between node.