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Change Log

Latest Features
  • Login profile by zone. Each zone will have their own speed and limitation.
  • IPv6 support for login record as well as zone determination.
  • Built-in service for high availability. No need to depend on the Galera cluster anymore.
  • PMS can now be set to use some fields as the profile selector. Example, field Room Number, or VIP code, or for FIAS ( code A0 to A9).
  • Some PMS services bugs have been fixed.
  • Page maker background upload if wrong CSS provided.
  • Ruckus and Cambium integration now fixed.
  • Password policy for maximum six retry problem solved.
  • Now built number has been changed to follow year and month instead of numbering. Example, the latest build number was 2007 for an easier to track version.
In the pipeline
  • No more auto-update, however Kiwire will advise if there is a new update available.
  • Update will be split into modules. Example, module admin, user, api etc.
  • Kiwire Mobile App to create vouchers and print.