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Surveys Management

The survey module helps to collect data by asking several question from users. To access the survey module click on Campaigns > Survey from the navigation. On the survey listing module, you may search for specific survey by using the search field.

The field and its function description is listed below.

Field Function
Name The name for the survey.
Description The description of the survey.
Status The status of survey whether it is Active or Expired.

Modules action :

  • To add new questions.
  • To edit the setting of the survey.
  • To delete the survey.

Add New Survey

Click on “Add Survey” button and populate the required fields. Fill in the field with relevant information to complete the process.

The field and its function description is listed below.

Field Function
Enable To enable or disable the survey status.
Title The name of the survey.
Description The details regarding survey.

Survey Questions

Field Function
Questions The questions to be asked in survey by the users.

The type of questions to be answered can be

  • Free Text – Single Line
  • Multiple Choice – One
  • Multiple Choice – Multiple
Required The survey is required, Yes or No?
Choice The choice for the question.
  • To add new question
  • The delete existing question.

Edit or Delete Survey

Click on edit icon, the edit screen will display which you can edit the setting of the survey.  Click on the delete icon to delete the survey. A prompt will be display to ask for your confirmation to proceed to delete the survey. Please exercise with cautions as this not a reversible action.