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Voucher are typical one time use account. Voucher will be void by either when the access time is exhausted or when the expiry date assign to voucher is reach. To access the voucher module click on Accounts > Voucher from the navigation.


Deleted / Expired Voucher account are represented by account with strike through like “v556436“.

The field and its function description is listed below.

Field Function
Code The unique voucher code for the users.
Status Status of voucher if it’s still Active or Expired.
Profile The profile the attribute will be assign to.
Price The price of the voucher.
* NOTE : The price of the voucher is based on the profile price.
Creation Date The date of the voucher created.
Expiry Date The expiry date of the voucher.

Modules action :

  • To view voucher summary.
  • To delete the voucher.
  • To reset voucher.
  • To reset MAC address.

Add New Voucher

Click on “Add Voucher” button and populate the required fields. Fill in the field with relevant information to complete the process.


The field and its function description is listed below.

Field Function
Prefix Prefix of the voucher to be generated.
Quantity The number of voucher to be generated.
Profile The profile associated with voucher to be generated.
Zone Restriction Apply zone restriction to the voucher to be generated, so voucher create restricted to login from specific zone only.
Expiry Date Validity of voucher to be generated. Expiry are date for the voucher to set to expired for accounting purpose.
Remark Description or remark of the voucher generated.

View Voucher

The view voucher let you view and manage the voucher account profile and other detail.

Show Information

The show Information modal will provide an overview of the account information, profile information, registered device, Activate Date, Expiry Date.

The field and its function description is listed below.

Field Function
Status The voucher status whether it is Active or Expired.

Which integration module is used by the voucher.

  • Internal = Local
  • MSAD = Active directory
  • FB = social network
Quota Used (MB) Status of current usage of the voucher.
Session Time (Minutes) Status of total time used of the voucher.
Activate Date The activation date of the voucher.
Expiry Date The expiry date of the voucher.
Account Information The voucher biographic information.
* e.g : Username, Full name, Gender, Email, Phone no.
Profile Information The associated profile to the voucher account and details regarding profile.
Registered Device The voucher device used to access the network.

Show History

The show history tab let you view the last 20 login transaction of the voucher and its associated data. It will list the mac address, brand and devices of the voucher, time and volume usage.

The field and its function description is listed below.

Field Function
Login The login time of the voucher.
Logout The logout time of the voucher.
Total Time (H:M:S) The Total session time of the voucher.
MAC Address The MAC address of the devices the voucher use to connect to network.
Type The type of the device e.g. Desktop. The detected model on voucher devices.
Brand The detected brand on voucher devices.
IP Address The IP address associated with voucher device during login session.
IPv6 Address The IPv6 address associated with voucher device during login session.
Volume (MB) The traffic utilized by voucher during the session, upload and download included.
Disconnect Reason

The reason of the voucher disconnect the connection. Below are the disconnect reasons:

  • Admin-Reset
  • Call-Back
  • User-Request
  • Idle-Timeout
  • Lost-Carrier
  • Session-Timeout
  • Traffic-Used
  • Lost-Services

Delete Voucher

To delete a voucher, click on the delete icon from the voucher main listing screen. A prompt will be display to ask for your confirmation to proceed to delete the voucher. Please exercise with cautions as this not a reversible action. Voucher set to delete are not cleared from the listing screen but it will be display with a strike like “v556436” for finance accounting purpose.

Reset Voucher

The Reset Voucher button will reset the voucher of device for the voucher account. To reset a voucher, click on reset icon from the voucher main listing screen.