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The user module will list and let you manage all user’s account within the Kiwire system. Users will use the account for permanently not use only one time user account such as by using voucher to access the network connection. Permanent user account includes local account, LDAP, active directory, social login account and others. To access the user module click on Account > User from the navigation. On the user listing module, you may search for specific user by using the search field or filter by account type using the filter box next to the search field.


User deleted will be totally erased from the system unlike the voucher account.


The field and its function description is listed below.

UsernameThe username for the user.
Full nameThe full name of the user.
ProfileThe profile the attribute will be assign to.
StatusThe status of the user whether active or expired.
Expiry DateThe expire date of the user account.

Modules action :

  • To edit the setting of the user.
  • To view the user details.
  • To delete the user.
  • To reset the user.

Add New User

Click on “Add User” button and populate the required fields. Fill in the field with relevant information to complete the process.

The field and its function description is listed below.

StatusThe account status of user whether Active, Suspended or Expired.
UsernameThe Username for the user.
* NOTE : Use room no as username if use Integration -> PMS to update room status.
Full nameThe full name of the user.
PasswordPassword for with the user account.
EmailE-mail address associated with the user.
Phone No:Mobile phone no associated with the user.
* NOTE : This number will be use by SMS module to send SMS.
MAC AddressMac address associate with the user, if enable mac auto login.
Link to ProfileSet the Profile that the user will be associated.
Authentication Integration Module
  • Internal : Default internal Database.
  • Integration – PMS : If uses PMS check-in / check-out as in as authentication data source.
  • Integration – Active directory : If use Microsoft AD as authentication.
  • Integration – LDAP : If you use LDAP as authentication.
Zone RestrictionSelect zone restriction group if you wish to restrict this user to login.
Expiry DateThe validity of account to be generated. The expiry will be used even if the account access have not reach it exhausted limit.
RemarkAny description or remark.


Click on edit icon, the edit screen be display which you can edit the setting of the user.  Click on the delete icon to delete the user. A prompt will be display to ask for your confirmation to proceed to delete the user. Please exercise with cautions as this not a reversible action.


In Edit User module you change status for user to Active or Expired.

View User

The view user let you view and manage the user’s account profile and other detail.

Show Information

The show Information modal will provide an overview of the account information, profile information, registered device, Activate Date, Expiry Date.

The field and its function description is listed below.

StatusThe user account status whether it is Active or Expired.

Which integration module is used by the user’s account.

  • Internal = Local
  • MSAD = Active directory
  • FB = social network
Quota Used (MB)Status of current usage of the user.
Session Time (Minutes)Status of total time user of the user.
Activate DateThe activation date of the user account.
Expiry DateThe expiry date of the user account.
Account InformationThe user’s account biographic information.
* e.g : Username, Full name, Gender, Email, Phone no.
Profile InformationThe associated profile to the user’s account and details regarding profile.
Registered DeviceThe user device used to access the network.

Show History

The show history tab let you view the last 20 login transaction of the users and its associated data. It will list the mac address, brand and devices of the users, time and volume usage.

The field and its function description is listed below.

LoginThe login time of the user.
LogoutThe logout time of the user.
Total Time (H:M:S)The Total session time of the user.
MAC AddressThe MAC address of the devices the user use to connect to network.
TypeThe type of the device e.g. Desktop. The detected model on user devices.
BrandThe detected brand on user devices.
IP AddressThe IP address associated with user device during login session.
Volume (MB)The traffic utilized by users during the session, upload and download included.
Disconnect Reason

The reason of the user disconnect the connection. Below are the disconnect reasons:

  • Admin-Reset
  • Call-Back
  • User-Request
  • Idle-Timeout
  • Lost-Carrier
  • Session-Timeout
  • Traffic-Used
  • Lost-Services